You always remember you first they say, so here goes….

I actually started this website a few years ago but Life and Death and Divorce and too many Flights half way around the World got in the way. So it is time to breathe some life into the website and maybe me as well. When you can do something you are passionate about it will always lift your Spirits.

I am born and raised in Vancouver. I have lived in the Okanagan and the Kootenay’s. In that time I have ran a few successful businesses, moved to Europe 10 years ago to open a business. (Picture mounds of Government paperwork) Now it is time to just relax and do things at a slower pace. I think the Wine will fit nicely into that idea. 🙂

I am combining 3 things that I love;

  1. Food and Cooking. I learned to Cook at an early age and was head chef by the time I was 18 years old. I opened my own restaurant later on in my 20’s and then began to develop the food trucks and carts. It was fun.
  2. Wine and People. I think the most important aspect of wine is the people you share it with and the people around it, the growers, the laborers, the winemakers, the promoters. You will probably see me talking more about the people in the business than the actual wine. I have a few friends that know more about wine than I will ever know. They will drop in every now and then with a post.
  3. Travel and Adventure. For me this might be my specialty. Or at least sleeping in planes. Those 12 and 14 hour flights with all the connections you need to make from point A to point B often mean a 24 hour day, not to mention the time difference. So you could see me on top of the Rocky Mountains or underwater in Malta. Or possibly napping on a park bench somewhere if it is sunny out.

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